Camper: Jonathan Wang

"Attending LID camp has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. The inspiring counselors, amazing campers, and open environment all allowed me to freely express myself. I was able to experience new things and create friendships that will last a lifetime. Without them, I would not be the person I am today."


Camper: Patrick Lee

"LID camp holds a special place within my heart. It was the confidence boost I did not want initially, but the confidence boost I realized I needed. Camp played a crucial role in my self development and without it, I would not be the same person here today. Through the LID-TACL program, I was able to make connections and friendships that still last today. Without a doubt, LID camp was one of the biggest turning points of my life."


Camper: Alex Chen

"Attending LID camp has allowed me to build my self-esteem as well as confidence. Meeting individuals with similar background as myself helped me connect to my cultural roots. The counselors served as good role models, who have provided me with advice when I entered college. Thanks to LID camp, I have a support system and people I can count on for guidance."


Camper: Andrew Lee

"It has been a few years now, but looking back, some of my most formative and memorable moments were at LID camp. I cannot thank the countless counselors enough for helping to mentor me and poured their hearts into the awesome camp activities. At camp, I made great friends who I still connect with to this day. From making mochi and creating silly skits, to staying up sharing our life stories. Camp is something better experienced than read about, and I would invite everyone reading this to also join in and make memories of their own."


Camper: Iyan Chou

"Hi, my name is Iyan Chou and the reason why I got into camp in the first place was because my brother enrolled me because he went as a camper and he liked camp a lot. So he thought I would have the same experience if I were to join.When I joined camp I thought i was not going to like it, but that changed when we did our first few fun activities. What camp means to me is that we make new friends, have fun, and learn what it means to be Taiwanese, instead of staying at home doing nothing and being lazy.That is what camp means to me when I think about it every time. If you read this please come and enroll for camp I promise you will enjoy it very much."

Camper: Ryan Kong

"LID Camp has always been something I look forward to every summer, and that is because of the sense of community and togetherness I have with the campers as well as with the counselors and staff. While attending LID Camp is always tons of fun, I never expected to learn meaningful lessons that I can apply to my life. I've formed unforgettable memories at LID Camp, and will always be excited to attend next  year."


Camper: Gretchen Kong

"Camp is fun in general with the games and activities but i think having people around me that are actually like me make camp a comfortable environment to be in. I think about every year when camp starts, and everyone is a stranger to each other. But camp is not over yet, and everyone's already so close.  even though camp is only a couple days, you meet 20+ new people, and you learn so much about them. I think that is why i like camp so much. Being in a different environment that is not your home makes you a different person like you have a home personality and an outside personality, and being at camp does not make me afraid to share my home personality."