Promoting Leadership, Identity, and the Development of the Youth. 


Our Mission

LID Camp, which stands for Leadership, Identity, and Development, was created by first generation Taiwanese parents as a way to remind the second generation Taiwanese Americans, of the abundant and rich culture that Taiwan has to offer. At camp, we strive for an emphasis on learning about Taiwanese culture by including small language lessons and cultural workshops. Besides instilling confidence in their cultural identity, we also focus on improving upon their leadership skills, practicing social aptitude, and developing them into confident role models. Through a supportive environment, we cultivate resilience, effective interpersonal communication in a diverse world, and teach them how to work efficiently as a team through workshops and activities crafted by our dedicated counselors and staff. LID Camp embodies the ideas of personal growth and building strong connections.

TACL LID Camp is a non-profit 501(c)(3).