Promoting Leadership, Taiwanese-American Identity, and the Development of Youth.



LID Camp, which stands for Leadership, Identity, and Development, was created by first generation Taiwanese parents as a way to remind the second generation Taiwanese Americans, of the abundant culture that Taiwan has to offer. Throughout the years, LID Camp has progressed into a more teaching role. Though history and culture is still part of the camp program, leadership through confidence is taught to campers, counselors, and staff. In addition, an effort is made to help campers develop better social and leadership skills, as well as becoming more comfortable with their identities, thus, helping them represent Taiwan at an early age.


LID Camp – 代表Leadership-領導, Identity-認同, Development-培養, 是由一群第一代台灣移民父母為了傳承豐富及優秀的台灣文化給下一代所成立. 經過多年的發展, LID 演變成以教育輔導為主的訓練營. 雖然台灣文化及歷史仍是內容的一部分, 更重要的是藉由建立自信心, 進而啟發學員, 輔導員 及工作人員的領導能力. 訓練營除了幫助學員 增進社交及領導技能之外, 同時更致力於増進下一代台裔美國青少年對台灣文化的認同感, 進而代表台灣.