Camper/Staff: Oliver Chen

"Camp is that one week of having fun with old friends while making new ones at the same time. As a camper, camp in the beginning was a bit intimidating. The idea of spending a week away from home with people I did not know scared me a little. But that quickly changed when I arrived. Everyone was so energetic and excited for camp and that energy helped bring me out of my shell and begin interacting with everyone. By the end of my first year as a camper, I had gotten much closer to my friends and made many new friends, many of which I still talk to this day. It was because of these experiences that convinced me to become a staff member for camp. I wanted to bring that same experience and all the feelings I had as a camper to the table and share them with the next generation of campers. Camp was and always will be a special part of my life and it’s an experience I want to continue to share with as many people as possible."